the tenth week

3 days of classes+ 5 day weekend= CHILLEST. WEEK. EVER.

You know that little twinkle you see in people’s eyes when you ask them about their weekend and they tell you they didn’t do anything. My eyes are filled with stars. I should have done more during this long weekend but I haven’t. You could say that I’m resting up for my trips to Germany and France during the next two weeks.

A cool discovery that I made the past week is the La Gavia mall on the outskirts of Madrid. This mall has everything, even an Ikea!!! I would highly recommend it for anyone wanting to do some serious shopping or needs something to do for the day. I also found the awesomeness that is Primark at La Gavia. No worries! Although the mall isn’t located in the center of Madrid, you can use the metro to get there

As for next week, I leave for Germany/Switzerland on Wednesday, return to Spain on Sunday. and then leave for France on Tuesday!!

I will have pics up shortly, byeeeeeeImage

Thoughts of life

Caring Parents

when parents ask a million questions about you completing a seemingly simply task.

Duh, I can do things.

Duh, I can do things. Sometimes. I think. 

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the eighth and ninth week

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Another late post, sorry to report. So late, in fact, that I had to combine the 7th and 8th weeks.

The Eighth Week

The biggest event of this week was definitely the trip to Portugal!! I have to admit I wasn’t completely sure of what Portugal had to offer and didn’t have high hopes when I first got there. Glad to say that I was wrong. Lisbon, Portugal’s capital city, is filled with tons of pastel colored and tiled buildings, bright yellow trolleys, and big open plazas. I also had the great opportunity to hear the country’s history which a lot of context and meaning behind all the places I saw during a tour of Lisbon. It’s really nice to see a new place and learn a bit about it at the same time. My friends and I also went to this town about 45 mins outside of Lisbon called Sintra. A must see if you go Portugal. Sam and I spent most of our time there in an old estate called Quinta da Regaleira, a great place to explore if you have some time (costs 4 euros). After a lot of sightseeing, a couple of museums, a ridiculous amount of walking and trolley riding, we brought our trip to end with a Starbucks run and an uncomfortable train ride to Madrid.


The Ninth Week

Pure, unadulterated anguish. These are the only ones that can describe last week’s events. Trying to find a place to live is stressful. Trying to find a place to live with another person is even more stressful. Trying to find a place to live with another while you both are in a different country is so stressful that it has been making me pull my hair out, literally. Don’t worry, I don’t have any bald spots yet. As if that is not enough, I am on the frantic hunt for a job and internship for next semester. The stress of both these two things has made it difficult to be in the moment during my semester abroad. I’m glad that I am here but the timing of my trip is a little disadvantageous. My next year in college will be my last and that is the time when all little college students are supposed to buck up and become real adults. For that reason, I have decided that it would be in my best interests to go home earlier that I had originally planned. Whoa! That sounded really formal, like I am writing some sort of rejection letter or something. But yes, I’m a bit sad to say that leaving early (only by like 2  1/2 weeks). I would love to stay because I know that Spain has a lot more to offer and to teach me but I can’t stay here  if I don’t plan on being a total wreck next year. Well, those are the present state of things. Let you know if anything changes.

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An Old Friend


I am almost forgot to introduce you all to Hernan, my dragon. He has been with me this entire time and I think this is the first time I have mentioned him on my blog. He goes on all major trips with me and is a fun little reminder of my home university.

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the seventh week

Ohh, the seventh week! Much better than the sixth. I went to Madrid (again) and saw the Prado and Reina Sofia for FREE. Sometimes it pays to be a poor college student. I also finally planned my trip to Germany to see my good friend Nicole! I am proud to announce that she will be my first international visitor when she comes to Spain to visit me. I feel that this semester is going by really fast and is slowly becoming more normal for me. Having good trips, keeping in touch with people from back home, and planning even more trips makes this time feel more like I thought my semester abroad would be.

As for next week, I may not have time to post on Sunday because I will be in PORTUGAL!! This will be my first trip outside of Spain so we will see how it goes. Its time to add another patch to my backpack. All for now 🙂

a patch for my travels

a patch for my travels